Plastic Types

LLDPE – Linear Low Density Polyethylene

› Superior tear resistance compared to HDPE liners
› Multipurpose applications
› Most prevalent type of film used in the industry
› Manufactured in a wide variety of colors
› Compared to traditional low density film, linear low density can be run at a lighter gauge with equal or greater strength

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene

› HDPE liners are more puncture resistant than
LLDPE liners of the same thickness
› HDPE liners are made much thinner than
LLDPE liners but can hold the same or greater weight
› Substantial cost savings on a per-liner basis

Why gauge isn't always important

Using less Plastic

Film thickness is no longer the only standard for judging overall bag strength. The development of advanced resins and additives has changed the standard method for selecting the correct can liner. These developments have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter trash bags that are stronger and more durable than thicker bags made from lesser quality raw materials.

Bottom Seals

Star Seal

Designed without gussets, the star seal eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. The bag more easily conforms to the shape of the container and distributes weight evenly. Star seal liners maximize carrying capacity virtually eliminating leaks. Star seal liners are designated by two dimensions, e.g., 40 x 46.

Gusset Seal

A flat style bag manufactured with both sides tucked in to form gussets. Where indented, the bag is sealed through four layers of film while the middle of the bag has only two. Gusseted seal liners are designated by three dimensions, e.g., 23 x 17 x 46.

Flat Seal

A flat seal is a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal, much like a pillow case. Flat seals are generally leakproof but are clumsy to handle. Also, they do not conform well to the shape of most trash receptacles. Flat seal liners are designated by two dimensions, e.g., 40 x 46.

Box Design & Case Labeling

Topside Dual-Dispensing

Packed for end user convenience, our topside dual-dispensing cartons were developed in response to customers' needs. Now, cartons may be stacked to save space while still dispensing liners with greater ease.


Our carton has visible labeling that reflects our tight manufacturing guidelines
and provides end users with complete product information.

Truth in Labelling with NIST

National Institute of Standards and Labeling specificatons